Meet the 2011 Grand Prize Winner

What bold move did Austin Pets Alive! (APA) staff and volunteers make in order to save a total of 1,673 lives in three months? They aimed for 2,000 lives saved! It’s that kind of audacious dreaming (and doing!) that earned APA first place in the 2011 ASPCA $100K Challenge. What’s more amazing is that over half of the lives saved were above and beyond the number of animals APA saved the year before during the same three months. That’s 850 additional dogs and cats who are in homes today. That's more than double the number of lives saved. And that’s $100,000 for the Austin Pets Alive! shelter. As their volunteer coordinator Sara Livermore said, “No one gives up at the APA!” Check out all the $100K Challenge winners in 2011's cross country celebrations.