How to Enter the 2013 Challenge

Three steps to get into the $100K Challenge

  • Read the rules.
  • Get everybody on board.
    At the very least, you’ll need the signed consent of two people with legal signing authority for your agency, but you’ll be most successful if your entire team is 100% game for this endeavor. Share this brochure with your team and get everyone pumped!
  • Apply online. 
    Applications open at 3:00p.m. ET on Thursday, January 3. We will accept 10 qualified applicants in each of the five divisions on a first-come, first-served basis. And we will accept one additional qualified applicant for the waiting list in each division. Judging from past years, these spaces will fill up fast so get ready now by previewing the application. We’ll call you to confirm the information on your application and we’ll send you an email as soon as you’re approved as an official 2013 contestant.

Got questions? Read the Challenge FAQs or just ask at