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Submit Month 2 (July 2014) Data, system reports and updated transfer outcome report between August 1 - 6
iCal August 6
Be available to answer your ASPCA Data Buddy’s questions (August 1-14)
iCal August 14
Let the public know how many lives you are saving! Update Adoption Counter and Lives Saved Gallery at least once a week. And don’t forget to submit your Pet of the Week to
iCal August 15
Update Transfer-Outcome report regularly. Which transferred animals (since June 1st) got adopted? (August 1 – 31)
iCal August 31
Count the number of felines and canines in care (both in shelter & in foster) at close of business on August 31 in preparation to submit your Month 3 (August 2014) data
iCal August 31
Record Supporter Stats as of August 31
iCal August 31