Past Results

What’s it like being in The $100K Challenge?

Check out what the past contestants say, from rating their own experiences to offering essential, hard won advice to new shelter competitors like you!

Did being in the Challenge pay off?

  • For the past two years, more than half of the contestants rated their experience very good to excellent!
  • 81% say their experience was very to extremely valuable.
  • 70% of the shelters broke their own records for saving lives.

Were expectations met?

The work accomplished last year surpassed expectations for 68% percent of the competing shelters.

What worked best?

Contestants identified some of the out-of-the-box techniques that resulted in an increase of live exits:

  • Waiving or reducing adoption fees
  • Cute, attention grabbing themes
  • Huge adoption events done with other shelters
  • 24-hour long adoption drives
  • Tons of Facebook updates

How did shelters keep volunteers and staff motivated?

Here’s how shelters inspired their teams and kept enthusiasm high:

  • Keeping everyone up to date with frequent meetings.
  • Holding pep rallies.
  • Making sure protocols stayed in place.
  • Posting on Facebook all the time.
  • Keeping everyone’s focus on the lives being saved.
  • Keeping a number indicator in the lobby.
  • Praising, thanking, encouraging.
  • Using everyone’s creativity and participation in brainstorming & planning.
  • Food! (And particularly cupcakes.)

What advice do past contestants give?

  • Anticipate the amount of work it’s going to take and double it!
  • Be relentless about planning ahead.
  • Get your community engaged as early as possible and don’t stop engaging them all the way through the Challenge.
  • Dive in! Don’t hold anything back!
  • Use the Challenge to try all sorts of innovative, new techniques. Just try, try, try!
  • Gather a great team of volunteers to help out and keep the enthusiasm high.
  • Start early and think outside the box.
  • Have fun! (This is essential.)

How many more lives have been saved in the two years of the Challenge?

In 2010, Contestants saved 7,362 more lives over baseline. In 2011, Contestants increased lives saved by 8,977. That’s a 22% and 33% increase respectively, wow!