Bert Troughton

Vice President of Pro Learning, ASPCA

Bert can answer your questions about Challenge oversight issues and rules compliance.

Alison Jimenez

Sr. Media Manager, Media & Communications, ASPCA

If you are a member of the press or media, contact Alison for more information about the $100K Challenge.


Christa Chadwick

Senior Director, Shelter R & D, ASPCA

Christa can answer your general questions about data and the Challenge.


Lavanya Raju

Program Manager, ProLearning, ASPCA

Lavanya can answer your questions about the Challenge and provide technical support for the Challenge website. Don't know who to ask? Email her.


Susan Furukawa

Program Director, ProLearning, ASPCA

Susan coordinates the activities of the cross-departmental $100K Challenge teams. She can answer questions about the Rules, community engagement, voting, and contest timeline.


Valerie Sheppard

Director, E-Learning, ProLearning, ASPCA

Contact Valerie for any questions relating to ASPCApro webinars.