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Five year high! 16,789 MORE Lives Saved

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by Elyse Orecchio

Congratulations to all Challengers! Contestants saved a record breaking 16,789 MORE lives during this year’s $100K Challenge – surpassing all past records and expectations. A total of 68,805 lives were saved in just 3 months – thanks to all the teamwork, planning, innovation, and sheer determination of Challengers. The 50 Challengers and their communities have a lot to celebrate! 

Congratulations to all the winners below:


1st Place – Grand Prize Winner - $100K

Congratulations Community Engagement Finalists!

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by Lavanya Raju

Let’s hear it for Clay County Animal Care and Control, Kansas City Pet Project and Lynchburg Humane Society for getting the most votes and increasing lives saved by more than 300!  All three finalist agencies have done a lot to get people involved in saving more lives.  Now the grants committee has some tough work ahead to choose the Community Engagement Award winner to be announced on October 7.

New record! 9,198 more lives saved

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by Lavanya Raju

Challengers saved a total of 43,959 dogs and cats in the first two months of the Challenge, an increase of 9,198 over their 2013 life saving. This is the highest two month increase in the history of the Challenge!   Congratulations to all the staff, volunteers and communities whose hard work has clearly paid off for the animals.

A special congratulations to the division leaders at the end of Month 2, recipients of the $5,000 Seventh Inning Stretch grants.

$5,000 Seventh Inning Stretch Grant Winners

Record Breakers, Part 2

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by Elyse Orecchio

As Challengers continue to outdo themselves, we continue to brag—we’re proud to highlight their fantastic work. Take a look at more records that have been crushed thanks to the $100K Challenge!

Photo Contest Winners

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by Brenna Jennings

The Challenge Photo Contest reflects and celebrates the wonderful happy endings that $100K Challenge competitors - with the support of their communities - are making possible.   In all, 422 photos were submitted by adopters.

Congratulations to the following shelters who will receive a prize grant!

Pet’s Name

Shelter Name


Prize Grant


Update on Photo Contest

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by Lavanya Raju

The ASPCA has detected certain irregularities in voting and is in the process of implementing a solution to correct the issue. As a result, Winner announcements will be postponed to Tuesday, August 5, 2014.  Voting will continue as scheduled through 11:59pm ET on August 1, 2014.  The ASPCA regrets any inconvenience and appreciates the patience of competing shelters and their supporters.