Announcing the Fifth & Final ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge

$600,000 in prize grants
and more than 20 ways to win between $5,000 and $100,000!

Since 2010, hundreds of shelters across the country have used the $100K Challenge to inspire great teamwork, innovate new approaches, rally community support, and save thousands more lives.

2014 will be the final run of this national contest to save more lives. Fifty shelters with a minimum cat and dog annual intake of 1,500 will compete for some of the $600,000 in prize grants by increasing lives saved in June, July and August 2014 over their own numbers for June, July and August 2013. The shelter with the biggest increase in lives saved will win the grand prize: $100,000.

Fifty shelters total, competing in one of five divisions against agencies of similar size. Qualified applications accepted on a first come, first served basis beginning at 3pm ET January 6, 2014.

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"The Challenge transformed our organization – not just during that period, but beyond."

–Lisa Pedersen, Humane Society of Boulder Valley, 2010 grand prize winner

"Regardless of the outcomes, you all have provided a sense of community within animal welfare that we a not alone in our vision, our daily trials and tribulations and our quest to save more lives. Thank you again for your creativity and willingness to share."

—Victoria Cowper, Western Arizona Humane Society, 2013 contestant

"We adopted all but 1 of the available dogs and all but 8 of the kittens in 4 hours. We completed around 55 adoptions today. A new record for us."

—Suzanne Edson, City of Hesperia Animal Control and Services, 2013 contestant

"Our shelter was full of visitors, our adoption visitation rooms were full of potential adoptions and people were waiting in line to get to visit with their new potential family members. It was pure chaos and we LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!"

—Kate Miller, Cheyenne Animal Shelter, 2013 contestant

"We adopted out the most animals we ever have in one month for June at 949 and then we beat ourselves in August by adopting 1,102 dogs and cats!

—Kim McWhorter, Riverside County Department of Animal Services, 2013 Division Five Second Place Winner